The Festival of Creativity

A myriad of sectors and people from all walks of life come together every June in Cannes for a bold and audacious debate on how creativity drives business for change and for good.

Our challenge was to help Cannes Lions retain the incredible things happening today, whilst increasing relevance to new audiences; communicating in a clear and powerful way the many hard and soft benefits of attending – those that often went unsaid or unnoticed.

Our World’s a Stage

We positioned Cannes Lions as a stage. For collision, for creativity, and for consequence. A place that can change perspectives, careers, and lives.

This idea would be the centre point for the entire brand identity, creating a clear messaging framework, and a flexible visual identity system that can stretch and flex to connect with the many different audiences.

A Stage to Shine

We retained many of the existing Cannes Lions brand assets (logo, typeface, core colour palette) but set about using them in new and different ways to bring to life the stage idea and breathe new life into the identity.

The lion is iconic and synonymous with quality, so we made it the hero by freeing it up from the wordmark and giving it space. We supercharged how they use Futura, adding pace, confidence and impact to communications; whilst intensifying the colours to reflect the natural environment of the Cote d’Azure.

A Stage to Grow

The festival contains three main areas: Health, Innovation and Entertainment. We identified unique tones for each of these to aid navigation at the event and built out the messaging framework to land the many powerful, relevant benefits of attending and participating.

A Stage to Share

We worked closely with the Cannes Lions team to help create assets for the build up to the festival, promoting exciting speaker announcements and festival information across the full suite of digital channels, and setting the vision for how the festival space itself will come to life.