Nomad’s Rock n’ Roll lawyer, John ‘Baccy Pouch’ Ireland offers Counsel for Unique and Natural Talent to some of the best artists including the Young Fathers and the brilliant Travelling Band. So when we were asked to create a new identity, album design and a series of singles for them, we jumped at the chance.

The new album design for ‘Sails’ is based on International maritime signal flags used to communicate with ships, with each flag spelling out an alphabetic letter. The album and four singles each spell out a five letter word: SAILS, SWTCH, WATER, FWRDS and NIGHT.

The monogram pays homage to Elvis Presley’s iconic TCB (Taking Care of Business) icon which adorned his most favourite things including his gun, lighter, jewellery and his 1962 Lockheed Jetstar, the ‘Lisa Marie’