A new voice for Sing King.

Shrina Lakhani, COO at Sing King shares what it was like working with us on the rebrand.

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I’ll start off by explaining what Sing King is and why we decided to do a rebrand…

Sing King is the largest karaoke community on YouTube, it has over seven million subscribers and over 3.5 billion views. We’re an exciting community of karaoke fans and people who love to sing. This year we’re looking to expand and offer karaoke lovers the opportunity to experience Sing King in an app, on their TV, as well as on YouTube where it currently lives.

Sing King started a few years ago, has become a runaway success and has never had to spend a penny on marketing. The community loved it and it just kept growing and growing and growing off its own steam. The community has swelled to the point where they built the brand by just virtue of being part of it. We decided to rebrand because we wanted to celebrate this by giving Sing King a real identity, and this year felt like it was the right time to do that.

We heard about Nomad through a recommendation. When you’re a small business, recommendations hold a lot of weight. We also spoke to another couple of agencies who were recommended to us as well, but we just loved your method and the way that you responded to what we were doing which made it a very easy choice.

You really took the time to understand us as a business and understand where we were, where we’d come from, what Sing King was and where we wanted to be.

Even before we did the workshop, you became an extension of the team. And the workshop was very easy to flow through because you’d taken the time to do that pre-work.

When it came to the process, there’s a couple of points that stood out, which were great. The workshop was really good and well considered, and as a small team we were all able to really contribute to it and invite a couple of external people in as well. We all got a lot out of it and it enabled us to take a step back from the day to day and see everything holistically.

The second part was how you encouraged us to build a brief together before moving forward with any creative. This was a great way of checking that you’d understood our ask and that we were all aligned. Which was really important.


Having the opportunity to make sure that we were all on the same page with the brief, meant that the creative was always going to be in the right lane, whatever happened. That was a bit of a standout.

I was just so impressed at how well you nailed that brief and then seeing that brought to life. For me, that was brilliant. I won’t forget that first moment we saw the logo that we decided to go with. I immediately thought ‘‘That's our logo,’’ and the next day I woke up thinking about it. It was such a strong impact, so for me that was a real highlight because I just couldn’t have imagined it and now, I can’t imagine anything else.

For me the logo is such a strong, iconic stamp that I think it will last us for years and years and years, if not longer. That’s sort of it now. So that’s my favourite aspect of the brand, I just love it.

You made a real effort to be an extension of us, and vice versa, rather than saying, ‘‘Right, we came. The brief’s done. Great, we're just going to crack on now.’’ You were generally really collaborative with us, which I think made a huge difference. We felt like we could call you at any point and you would be available to chat through ideas, or generally to be a sounding board.

You're a great team. You've got great people and everyone's so great to work with. So that was a highlight too.

I’m excited about what’s next for Sing King, currently it’s this YouTube channel but, moving forward, we’re giving it so much more of an identity that soon you’ll be able to open up an app and say, ‘‘That's Sing King.’’ It’s going to become more tangible as a brand, as a project, and as an app, as an offering and as a community. It's going to have this new life of its own that’s beyond just a really successful YouTube channel, it’s going to have an embodiment.

I can’t wait for the moment where someone says, ‘‘Oh, where do you work?’’ or, ‘‘What do you do?’’ and they can just open an app on their phone, and it’s like, ‘‘This is what I do. This is what we are. We’re Sing King.’’

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