Moments make us.

Moments make us get out bed in the morning.
They encourage us to try harder and be braver.
Feel stronger, happier, more resilient, more alive.
And more full of life.
With more stories to tell, experiences to feel, and memories to make.

Moments enrich our lives, build our character, and help us create memories that last a lifetime.
From first-steps, to finish-line feelings.
Laugh-out-loud, to leave it on the road.

Whatever moment you’re after, Let’s Do This are here to help you find it, train for it, and celebrate it. Every step of the way.

A visual and verbal identity that’s packed with as much energy and attitude as the LDT team themselves. Designed to burst the bubble of endurance racing events we created a brand of the people – led by a new symbol that is inspired by the home-made graphics of the crowds at mass-participation events. Photography by Jane Stockdale and Phil Hill.

The moment you start to believe.
The moment you realise you can.
The moment you prove yourself wrong.
The moment you show the world.
The moment you do your bit.
The moment life gets more colourful.
The moment they say you’re mad to do it, so you do it anyway.
The moment the sofa never felt so good.
The moment ‘never again’ turns into ‘what’s next?’.
The moment the pizza tastes next-level good.
The moment you say again, again, again.

The moment you say let’s do this.

With special thanks to Joanna, Dom and the amazing Let’s Do This team.

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