Evolving the world’s favourite football brand

Working collaboratively with Robin Consultants and the Premier League, we have created a comprehensive brand refresh, ready for Season ’19/20. The refresh covers every aspect of the Premier League identity including; logo lockups, colour, graphic textures, typography, and imagery, alongside creating a suite of brand new assets for partners and broadcasters.

Playing at home

We’ve added more flexibility to the system, breathing new life into it, and finding new ways to express the brand across Premier League channels. Working closely with digital and broadcast teams to bring more vibrancy, fluidity and excitement, ready for the next chapter — Always on. Always bright. Always Premier League.

Playing Away

Following a strategic programme of discovery and speaking with partners from around the world, we set an aim for the brand to be as strong when playing away from home (third-party environments), as when playing at home (Premier League owned environments). This manifested in a powerful partner badge and a series of brand new assets including trophy icon, graphic textures, and stadium illustrations.


The Premier League trophy is one of the world’s most recognised icons. With great respect, we developed a unique illustration with exclusive use for Premier League and partners. We spent the day with the trophy at our studio, photographing and sketching from every angle to create the master artwork.


Premier League Asia Trophy

The season kicked off with a bang in China with the Premier League Asia Trophy. This was the first outing of the new brand identity so we worked closely with Premier League to deliver the competition branding and out of home campaign, creating maximum stand-out in a mega crowded market.