Design press coverage, F-Secured

Following the launch of our recent rebrand for Finnish cyber security brand, F-Secure, we picked up loads of press coverage from some of the big hitters in the design blog community.

From features to reviews, full write-ups to Instagram posts and comments to polls... we got the lot. We’ve collected them all together below for your delight and don’t forget to check out our own case study.

Design Week

Featured under their News section, Abbey Bamford wrote about what a project like this means for Nomad. ‘F-Secure chose to work with Nomad for its rebrand because the studio had no experience with cyber security, meaning it could start with ‘a blank sheet of paper rather than a preconceived idea’, says Nomad creative director Ash Watkins. He believes that ‘personality and emotion’ is often absent from the cyber security sector, which is what Nomad sought to implement into F-Secure’s new identity.’
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Under Consideration

F-Secure went up on Under Consideration’s Brand where Curator Armin Vit wrote about how the new logo is brought to life in animation as a digital locking device that spins around as if it were securing a bolt and it adds a meaningful narrative to it’ and how it is a ‘simple and solid identity that brings F-Secure closer to mainstream consumers but is still able to evoke a serious and don’t-mess-with-me attitude.’
Read it here.

Mindsparkle Mag

Categorised under Graphic, Mindsparkle featured a number of our visuals.
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Visuelle, aka David Bennett’s curated online showcase, featured the project with focusing on the logo and Chester Holme’s illustration.
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Layers aka ‘the creative resource agency’ featured our set of bespoke mockups, used across our case study and press release, which we worked together to create such as billboards, wristbands, phone visuals and merch.
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The Brand Identity

Poppy Thaxter from the Brand Identity wrote about how our rebrand is an ‘empathetic update for today’s digital world’, their write-up capturing our thoughts on the current digital landscape: ‘Living in digital times means we’re often faced with evolving malicious scenarios that try to trick us, catch us out, or locate the vulnerabilities in our online platforms. After all, we’re only trying to live our online lives to the fullest. By contrast, the online security market can feel like an intimidating space, conjuring images of jargon-filled and tech-heavy software. For an industry that aims to make our lives safer, it doesn’t need to feel cold and inaccessible.’
Read it here.



The popular ‘Branding, Logos & Design’ Instagram page featured a selection of visuals from our case study alongside our press release.
Read it here.


Creative Boom

Chelsey Pippin from Creative Boom (one of the UK's leading magazines dedicated to the creative industry) covered the project, picking up on how we ‘disrupted cyber security’ through a rebrand that challenges the norms of ‘intimidating cyber-crime graphics, overly-complicated plans; jargon-riddled language and lifeless stock photography’.
Read it here.


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