Taking on the world wide web with F-Secure

We experience a lot of our life online. Working, streaming, spending, chatting, chilling and everything else in between has all become part of our digital experience. In short, we live our online lives to the fullest. But the world of online security feels quite the opposite. Intimidating cyber-crime graphics, overly-complicated plans and jargon-riddled language leave the sector feeling cold and inauthentic.

F-Secure sees things differently: They believe that making our lives safer, for everything we do online; should be a simple, streamlined experience.

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Brilliantly Simple

Armed with a new brand strategy of “Brilliantly Simple”, we created an identity for F-Secure that combines clarity of message, with a brand personality that is dialled into the all-encompassing experience of online life.

A logo born to move

The previous F-Secure logo of a shield felt somewhat arbitrary in today’s landscape of digital products. The updated logo features a simple ‘F’ that comes to life in animation, representing F-Secure’s digital products through scanning and protection motion behaviours.


Leading with emotion

F-Secure doesn’t simply secure your phone, they secure your memories of that weekend camping in the mountains. They don’t secure your living room smart speaker, they secure heart-to-hearts by the fireplace. These are your ‘digital moments’ and are the emotional core of the new F-Secure brand, building a real connection by showing true empathy of what online life is like.

Speaking your language

Our new brand voice for F-Secure avoids jargon and instead draws on the often unusual ways that online threats can appear in our lives, using light humour to shine a spotlight on these instances.


Challenging the sector

The new F-Secure positions digital security with the same level of importance as life, home or car insurance. The result is a brand that shows the importance of digital security in today’s world cannot be undervalued, but this does not mean that it can’t be surrounded by a rich experience full of personality.


“We chose Nomad because of their work on entertainment and lifestyle brands and NOT cyber security. Throughout the process they were incredibly client centric and true partners. They listened hard, gave us optionality and were excellent communicators of their thinking.

Through their work we’ve landed on a truly differentiated space. In a product-focused and often transactional sector, we now occupy a space around emotion that speaks to people’s lives and the role our brand plays, which is a huge step forward in cyber security.”

Richard Larcombe, CMO of F-Secure


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