Say hello to the new Hayu. Loud, proud and unapologetically all-in on reality TV.

When it comes to reality TV, Hayu are the undisputed queen of the stream. They are the only platform dedicated to all things reality – superserving their audience with every series, episode and spin-off imaginable.

We partnered with Hayu on a complete brand overhaul, from strategy and identity through to tone of voice and campaign roll out.

Amplify the everyday

Working collaboratively, we created a new strategy for Hayu, “Amplify the everyday” – Celebrating their ability to add drama, sass, aspiration, inspiration and emotion to every moment of the day. From making Mondays more awesome, to taking nights in to the next level.


Turning the personality dial up to 11

Unlike other streaming providers, Hayu only do one thing – reality TV. This gave the opportunity to give the brand’s voice a radical makeover. The sharper, wittier new approach oozes ‘sophisticated sass’, bottling the eccentric energy of reality TV and feeling in-tune with its audiences’ viewing behaviours.


Owning the content

Hayu deals with some of the world’s most famous faces, from Kylie and Kim, to Paris and Mariah. To help Hayu take ownership of their content and build attribution, we developed the ‘H device’ – a fully flexible asset that adapts to its surroundings, holding key art, creating pattern and providing space for typography.


Stream the dream

The new tagline “Stream the dream” captures the essence of Hayu’s rich aspirational content, in the irreverent spirit of the brand.

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