Hackney Laces Nomad X Nike HR 15325 02

Supporting grassroots football and helping Hackney Laces to keep moving forward.

Founded in 2011, Hackney Laces exists to offer girls more opportunity to play football, while empowering them in other areas of their lives through sport and community. The club works with over 200 girls and women in East London, both on and off the pitch, and has sister clubs in Limehouse and South London.

Working closely with the players we designed and sponsored their first official kit. To capture the Laces attitude, and to create a truly iconic look for the new kit, we referenced 80’s skate/surf graphics and street culture.

Hackney Laces Nomad X Nike HR 12866
Hackney Laces Nomad X Nike HR 15379
A football kit has the power to unify people; for many it’s a huge part of their identity. The fact that Nomad has generously helped give us a kit that means we can all match and be uniform, which makes us look and feel amazing. It means greater sense of belonging for everyone involved.
Katee Hui, Founder Hackney Laces

Building off the diagonal lace grid at the heart of the Laces badge, we created a custom set of names and numbers to help reinforce the idea of belonging and give the club a unique asset that unifies Hackney, South London and Limehouse Laces.

Photographer — Stephanie Sian Smith / @stephaniesiansmith
— Tobias Hall / @tobiashall
Make up Sibylle Harms / @sibylleharms
BTS edit — Flossie Malster
— Hackney Laces

Keen to get your hands on a Laces shirt?
Head over to the Hackney Laces website, buy yourself a shirt and support our local team – hackneylaces.co.uk

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